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Successful Sunday, February 27th, 2022

Checked out?

A dog under a beige blanket.  Its paws and nose are sticking out.

Protip - Do not self diagnose via internet searches.  Here are some resources if you are in crisis in the US.


Playing the martyr will not help the situation.  You can't pour water from an empty cup is cliched but it still holds true.  Yes, there is suffering and horrible things going on, and though you may want to don a hairshirt, how does that help the situation?  Self care is vital when everything around you appears to be in turmoil.  If you have the privilege of a safe place, pause and take a moment to be grateful.  I know I have to take my own advice before my body takes a more serious course of action.  People are depending on me.  When is the last time you did something for you?  I like to spend time in nature.  I think I am going to go to the park after this post and go hug a tree.  What will you do after you read this post?

Death is inevitable, but we do not have to hurry it along.  Checking out will not slow its progress and in fact may hasten it along.  Lately I often find myself thinking about opting out.  Can you imagine calling your boss and telling them, "sorry I can't come in today, I really need to know what happens between Shan Shan and Handsome Qi."  "Sorry my cat really needs some quality time."  I could do that, but I do not think I want to deal with those repercussions.  Sticking my head in the sand is only a temporary relief.  Facing things head on with your eyes open is scary, but I think leaving something unknown and in the shadows allows your mind to create something more horrible.  It's like when they reveal the monster in the third act.  Rarely is it as terrifying as what you imagined.  I know that if I run away, I will end up in the same situation in a different place.  Last week, I discussed surrender.  I allowed myself to sink, and I have emerged and continue to swim to shore.  Check in, we need you.

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