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Successful Sunday, December 31st, 2023

Books on a green cart next to a brick wall.  White text in stencil says "THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.  READ BEFORE YOU THINK."  The word READ is twice as large.

Hello, Subscribers. My weekly writings will help you prepare for the week and set yourself up for success. I glean insights from various intuitive tools. Let’s get set for success.

Last week, I said I was going to host my Stop, Start, Continue workshop, and it was incredible. Our community members gained so much knowledge from each other, and I think I found a solution to a project I am working on. I have continued morning papers and highly encourage you to try them. Feel free to reach out if you want to know more.

After my week, I am more solidly connected to the present. January 1st will start the new year for some of you. The New Year varies across different cultures and traditions. What shall be the guiding force for the start of the week? The previous post focused on starting anew, planting seeds, and preparing for harvest. This week, it is important to continue to pay attention to where we extend our energy and how we handle change and conflict. During my morning journalling, I recognized that when people do not like me, it unveils areas of opportunity for me. I plan to stop spending energy trying to please others if it harms me. Our mind is a strategic battlefield littered with harmful self-talk bombs. I’ve been trying to take my gratitude to the next level and be grateful for things that have not yet happened. They did not happen as I expected, but my willingness to accept what transpired allowed me to find new levels of gratitude. Conflict needs two parties. How can you disengage this week?

Celebrating my wins is still a challenge. This morning, I acknowledged what a fantastic facilitator I am and many of my other strengths. “It’s not bragging if it’s based on facts” is a quote from #IamRemarkable that I often use. Part of the self-reflection process is to review what has worked well in the past. Facing new challenges does not mean creating a playbook from scratch. Consider starting your day celebrating your wins to be reminded that you can have autonomy in how you choose to respond to whatever life throws your way. I love Kara Smith’s idea about allotting time to yourself for the more complex emotions. The feelings can be fuel for transformative change. All the energy I throw into pointless conflict is not being spent on my loved ones. Love can be a North Star and a challenge. How can you ensure your cup is full enough to be able to serve from the saucer? Thank Keisha N. Jackson for bringing this Lisa Nichols concept to mind.

I will continue to draw upon my strength this week. Where are your strengths? Mine is being calm during challenging times. What can help you to find balance this week? The idea of being accountable to myself prevents complacency. Unflinching self-honesty is my best policy. Kim Scott’s ideas about ruinous empathy have been transformative. This past week, I learned about giving people false hope and avoiding taking on other people’s responsibilities. I can be empathetic without turning into lil’ miss fix-it. I will continue to practice journalling and questioning everything. How will you build resilience?

Kids provide powerful perspectives and can be wise because they have not been disabused of hope. I expected them to catastrophize, but they were optimistic about many changes this past week. Being transparent allowed them to think clearly about the situation. Their positive attitude is contagious. I am a realist, but that does not mean I am a nihilist. Gratitude is instrumental in tipping my perspective toward solutions. Focusing only on what we have lost or experienced disappointment can prevent us from finding solutions. I am going to continue to explore solutions freed from dogma. I have no sacred cows. How will you shift your perspective?

Will you cry when the ocean washes away your sandcastles? Accepting our losses is part of the change cycle. Remodeling often involves destroying old things to make room for rebuilding. I will not always create win-win situations. Our initial vision may change. I need to explore other solutions in a personal project. Some of them are not ideal and may open me up to criticism. Will I value my feelings or my dreams? My ancestors had an intimate relationship with cycles of life and death. They did not go to a grocery store when they wanted to eat meat. My granny could efficiently kill and prepare a chicken with very little waste. Change can be a bloody and grisly process. You must crack a few eggs to make a cake. What can help you to accept setbacks this week? You already know my answer. #TeamJournal

If you missed out on my Stop, Start, Continue Playshop and would like to learn more, feel free to contact me at