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Successful Sunday, April 9th 2023

a tan hand pouring a brown liquid from a silver pitcher into a glass held by a lighter hand.  The liquid flows out the bottom of the glass.

I carried my cross

Then wondered at it's purpose

Till I lay it down.

I tricked my son. I challenged him to stay quiet for ten minutes. He did not last and it took every ounce of equanimity to not let his video game music intrude. Then I lowered the bar. What about five minutes? Then I started playing one of my phone games. Challenge accepted. He set the five minutes and gave me his phone. We both sat in silence. He was restless at first and then he was just calm. I thought he fell asleep because of his stillness. The timer went off. How was it? "Mid" he responded. How often do we try something for a short while and expect miracles? In my ten minutes, what came to mind was that I was not needed to answer a question, but I need to ask the right questions. My cup is overflowing and I continue to pour. Also I got absorbed by drawing an accurate version of his nose and how the shadows in such a tiny area were more complex than I believed. I did resist taking a picture. My intuition has been telling me to be still. Take some downtime. It's a new muscle for me, but with practice and patience we shall see what insights are revealed. What burdens could benefit from you putting them down for a bit? Namaste