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Successful Sunday, April 25th 2021

Two weeks later and I am surprised in some ways how little things have changed despite everything changing. This is the end of an era for me.  I wonder how long an actual era is. According to the Oxford Languages dictionary, an era is "a long and distinct period of history with a particular feature or characteristic." Perhaps, it is better to say, I have ended a season and with that beginning a new season.  It is fitting that it is spring because it is time for planting new seeds.  What fields will I allow to lay fallow and what new crops will I grow?  How does your garden grow?

As a recovering control freak, this is a very challenging situation for me.  I am clinging a bit to my routines while allowing the freedom of some deviation.  I am working to remain unstuck from time.  I will take on new responsibilities, but that does not mean I have to take on new roles. I think that I am in a precarious position, but I am unsure that is true since I have so much support and resources during this time. As Kuda Biza has said, when you do not have resources, you must be resourceful. Do you find it difficult to change your routine?  What are your tips?  My go-to is to define my non-negotiables and work around them.  Real Talk, I have only worked around two non-negotiables - my morning walk and tea time with my son.  It's a work in progress.  Pro-tip, celebrate even those victories.

The other thing that can help during these times is the skill of surrender. When things are not going your way, there is the danger of procrastination.  Everything has already gone to hell in a handbasket.  Why bother?  Why?  Because everything is an energy game. Even procrastination takes energy which could be used towards changing your situation versus doubling down on stagnation.  Stillness is different than stagnation.  It is important for me to take quiet time and get out of my head and into my heart.  Grounding myself is important to help me orient and find the direction I want to go.  Once I start moving in that direction, I must surrender to the spirit of the journey.  It will be okay to take detours and look at the world's largest ball of yarn, if the spirit takes me there.

Thank you.  Yes, you and everyone who reads this blog or has offered a kind word or encouraged me along the way.  I tend to take everything on like the Little Red Hen.  But that is a story I am telling myself.  Help and support are there for the asking.  I do not need to martyr myself.  I am trying to be coffee as I undergo the boiling water of life. My way of giving back is to continue to be a servant leader.  I am grateful for the gifts of grace as I undergo this journey.  Be kind to yourself my friends and we can get through this together.

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