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Choice B

Choose Your Own Adventure

B. She decided to press on with the task. Her head was beginning to hurt because she was thirsty. She was not getting any inspiration so she looked at the random Pokémon cards she drew. She related to the fire monkey crawling uphill amidst the flames. This task felt like an uphill battle. Why did she need to persist? The flames stoked her thirst. She was feeling as ornery as the lightning dog. Was this the best use of her energy? The adorable lightning mouse was taking a walk in the field. Perhaps this was a sign that she should walk to the kitchen to get some water. Or were they hinting that if she continued to work, she would be powering up and building up energy the longer she persisted? The final card was the Scroll of Scorn. She became furious with herself for not prioritizing her health. She always chose work over everything else. She decided to follow the Plant Energy card and went for a walk instead. Hmmm Should she continue with the task on her return or take a nap? That’s for another adventure. Try again.