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Choice A

Choose your own adventure

A. She had decided earlier that day that she was someone who took care of herself. The task would still be there, and it did not take long to get water. While filling her cup, she realized the water pitcher was low and refilled it. Looking out the window, the sky looked ominous, so she decided to get the clothes off the line. She realized she needed to get hangers and went in search of hangers. Meanwhile, a friend called to tell her about an incredible concert. She decided to look up the band and listen to some of the music. Oh wow, look at the time, she needed to get dinner started. After cooking dinner, she remembered she had promised a friend to help with a project. She called to make sure it was still okay and went to her friend’s house. By the time she got back, she was exhausted and no closer to her task. Hmmmm, should she power through or go to bed? That’s for another adventure. Try again.