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Things To Think About, Monday, June 17th, 2019

I am, therefore I think.

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Happy Monday, or whatever Monday you choose.
For those of you keeping track, last week was one out of seven nights getting eight hours of sleep. Getting sleep when you are away for meetings can be a challenge. It was entirely possible to do it; I just chose not to make myself a priority. This is on me. I can take a different perspective that I did decide to make myself a priority, my creative self. Have you ever had an idea that will not leave you alone? Something so powerful, you want to work on it to the exclusion of everything else? Multiply that a thousandfold and you have an idea of last week. I do not want to curb my enthusiasm, but I have gained enough perspective to understand that it is not sustainable long term. It is an excellent opportunity to challenge my assumptions and grow.
But, and there is always a but – "no matter how hard, I try I always end up in the same place." It is the same place, but are you gaining a new perspective? Do you have a favorite place to visit? Does it feel the same every time you go? If something extraordinary happens there, it will color your opinion versus if a tragic event occurred. Your mindset determines your perception. When I am in a bad mood, I find the downside of everything. Unicorns are amazing, but who is going to clean up all the unicorn marshmallow droppings? Being aware of your mindset can help you to break the cycles. I realize the space I am in and am actively engaged instead of feeling like a victim.
Don't filter your life. When we do brainstorming sessions, we go for quantity and do not censor our thoughts. I like to throw in what could make it worse and do some anti-brainstorming. My youngest is my inspiration. I envy that kids naturally tend not to discount the impossible. All things are possible for them, and they accomplish the improbable more often than not. My manic creative spell may result in my Eureka moment. I am finding the benefits of perceived obstacles. Being forced to produce old things in new ways is helping me to find efficiencies. Embrace your inner child and shake up the status quo.
What's next? I'm all in! No more putting my creativity on the backburner. I will remind myself that I have enough time to accomplish the things that are important to me. I am the creator of my life. We were introduced to many new concepts during our meetings last week. I found that it was difficult to see the value in some of them until I shifted my perspective. Once you grasp the possibility of something run with it, grab a few friends, and have them run with you. Networking and sharing ideas is a powerful creative tool. We have so much to offer each other. What will you create today?