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Things To Think About, Monday, December 10th, 2018

Switch things up.

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My kids were playing Smash Bros™ and my daughter found a move that was effective for her. It quickly became her go to attack. Her younger brother complained about her always using it. My husband chimed in that if he was learning a new game and found something effective, he would use that move as well. Happy Monday or whatever Monday you choose.

Do you have a go-to move? Do you always respond to situations the same way? In the past I would jump right in; Little Miss Fix-It to the rescue. In retrospect, this was not always the most prudent move. I was not getting the expected outcomes. Sometimes, my actions would result in negative feedback. Clearly, I needed to learn new strategies and figure out how to use new tools.

But, and there is always a but – change is scary. Perhaps the first thing to consider is how you frame the change. Meat and potatoes are filling, but they do not fulfill your nutritional requirements. You want to add other foods. Think of the change as an adventure. The meat and potatoes are not going away. You are adding to the menu. Making discoveries can be exciting. You may even surprise yourself.

Instead of jumping headlong into something, why not take a step back and review. Meditation is a great way to study your thoughts. You can gain insight into your actions and see patterns. Since I have been watching my thoughts, I know they come and go. I do not always act on my first impulse because I know there will be many more thoughts. The mental space allows me time to consider the big picture. Our actions do not occur in a vacuum. There are ripples and repercussions.

What’s next? Embrace your inner child. Kids can be inquisitive but also very stubborn when their mind is made up. If you keep setting an expectation of exploration, they will try new things. Presenting things in a new way can encourage their willingness to give them another try and sometimes are surprised that they now like this food. Hearken back to times your backyard or the park was an entirely new world to explore. Question your assumptions. What is the worst that can happen? You can always go back to what is familiar, but you may discover a new killer move.