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The Year of Doing Nothing

The Hiatus is Over

looking down at black shoes, the words START HERE... written in pink chalk on the asphalt

One year and one week ago, I went on hiatus. Ironically, I find that nothing has changed and everything has changed. Last year, I was on the verge of burning out. I had too many plates spinning. Today is the start of school for my youngest. This weekend I move a child to college, and the following weekend is another move. Once again many things are happening all at the same time. What's different? I have learned to set boundaries. I have learned how to say "No." I have learned to manage expectations for others and for myself. Even though I am in a similar situation externally, the internal landscape is completely different. I have done many things despite it being the year of doing nothing. I love what my friend Flora Liu said about it, "What do you mean 'the year of doing nothing'? I have been seeing all your sharing and posts, you have been not only fostering your own personal mindset change, but also engaging and inspiring others to think as well."

Are you inspired? Ready to be the boss of you? Let's get started. See you on Monday for our regularly scheduled programming.