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Successful Sunday, November 27th, 2022

A rooster strutting

The following events are actual. The circumstances and other people have been modified to protect their privacy. "I could teach that," I confidently noted. They were watching a video on how to be more productive. Everything in the video was stuff I already knew. Most of it was part of my day job. Knowing and doing are two completely different items. I spend quite a bit of time procrastilearning and it is finally time to implement my learning. As you all know, if you follow this blog, I have been experimenting with time management like a science fair experiment. Each iteration has degenerated as time goes on. The last round of the physical calendar tracker lasted two days. Writing this blog keeps me accountable and persistent. If you are also struggling to make things work, something that I am finding to help is to involve others who have similar struggles. One of the people watching the video decided we needed to do the exercise described in the video. We all dutifully did a brain dump and recorded everything we needed to accomplish.

Part of why my life has felt like many falling Tetris blocks is because I have failed to plan. Shortcuts take twice as long sometimes. On my task list, I have included planning time, but to be effective, I need to understand what I need to plan. I realize that I have continued to work from a place of putting out fires when I need to be digging moats and removing flammable objects from my life. Pain is inescapable. If you want to build muscle, for example, and start working out, you will be sore for a few days. The payoff is you will get stronger. Back to our mini-experiment, lists in hand, we all shared the one thing we wanted to do that day. I did not have my computer and only needed to make one call, so I offered to be the timekeeper and subject matter expert. I also realized how complacent I have become.

The video reminded me about the principle of activation energy. It is the energy required to start a reaction and often is greater than the energy needed to sustain the reaction. This is where cooperation comes into play. The sum of all of us was more significant than each of us trying to do this alone. During my phone call (my one thing), it was confirmed how much of a loner I am. I embody the little red hen who does everything all by herself. This old dog is learning about the power of making alliances. Our small group celebrated many successes as we each worked on one thing. I also noticed how easy it was to be derailed by external forces. "I'm just going to do this one thing," snowballs into a huge time suck. I intervened to keep the other participant on track since I had no plans yesterday. I know I will need to develop strategies to deal with those curveballs if this experiment is to succeed.

That was easy! Delegation is a great strategy. I recall it was noted in the video. See how easy it is to forget the things you know. As I am writing this blog, my phone is pinging at me, and the subtle click that the laundry is ready to be transferred threatened to derail my completing this before I need to leave. You must be willing to commit to your action plan and understand what is critical. I asked my child to transfer the laundry. I am going to pause and celebrate this win. I think "little red hen" mentality comes from asking for help and not getting it. I am building on another training about the energy I bring into spaces. I am often bristly and passive-aggressive with my family. If I first consider what is happening in their life at the moment and ask with respect, they are likely to help. What alliances can you make this week to help you achieve your goals? Namaste

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