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Successful Sunday, May 5th, 2024

Hello, Subscribers. One of my former leaders told us it's not worth doing if it isn’t fun. This forms the core philosophy of my weekly writings and will help you prepare for the week through the power of play to set yourself up for success. I glean insights from my inner child about behaviors and patterns and can help you do the same. Let’s get set up for success. By joining my Patreon, you not only support my work but also gain access to exclusive content and insights.

It’s time for an accountability check-in. Last week, I successfully met my goal of creating three art pieces. This achievement has boosted my creative abilities and enhanced every aspect of my life. I also got a fifteen-light streak in the green-light game. My kid graduated college, and I am thrilled about this significant milestone. Where I still need to improve is worrying about what people think about me, but recognizing when it happened is a win. How did you do with your goals?

I will not use cards this week and rely solely on intuition. My questions come from “The Week Ahead” from the Galaxy Tarot app. “What energy am I stepping into this week?” Play and fun immediately come to mind. I don’t know if it is gallows humor, but I have never been able to stay serious for a long time. When I was car-jacked after Hurricane Andrew, we were cracking jokes that they did not want to ride the jitney. I’ve seen the effects of having a more playful attitude, and my creativity has skyrocketed. Even making pancakes was an opportunity, and my family loved the diabolical pancake teddy bears, snowmen, and whales. As predicted, I was sorry to have run out of batter since I would have loved to attempt a pancake wombat. A friend reminded me that I could use a condiment dispenser for more control over my pancake art. What about you?

A collage of pancake teddy bears with various expressions made out of chooclate chips and blueberries

“What challenges should I be prepared for this week?” It is harder to evoke joy under time constraints or perceived time constraints. There were times when I was very focused on my work, and I refused to take a break. Those days, I had less energy, and by the time I got home, I was more inclined to veg out and rushed to complete personal deadlines. Contrast that with returning from a day off where I took breaks to blow bubbles. Those pauses helped me to process what I needed to prioritize. Incorporating play made me more efficient. What can help you face your challenges? I am visual, so having calendar reminders and Post-it notes with reminders helps. What are your favorite life hacks for facing challenges?

“What essential wisdom should I remember this week?” Okay, I lied. I am going to use some Pokémon cards because they are a tool to help me tap into my inner wisdom. I witnessed a heated discussion and am sitting with the fact that I did not attempt to intervene during hostilities. What would help? I can’t go back in time, but practicing those skills would build my confidence. Role-playing is a tool to help people build empathy and provide a safe space for people to process their feelings. What if I reimagined the situation as an argument between two Pokémon? I pulled Rattata, Steel energy, and Grass energy. Rattata resembles a were-mouse and is in a defensive stance with a dramatic full moon against dark clouds in the background. The moon generally represents undercurrents due to how it impacts the tides. Rattata appears to be passionate about his thoughts. The next card was Steel energy, which is not an actual creature, but the Steel types are solid yet flexible. It depicts a glowing silver sphere comet with an inverted black triangle surrounded by brackets. Steel is made by mixing carbon and iron under high temperatures, so this type of Pokémon is forged in intense situations. The final card was grass energy, depicting a glowing green sphere with a black leaf. I perceive nature to be nourishing and grounding. Rozella “Rosie” Kennedy, in a talk with Karen Fleshman about Building Beloved Community Among Women, mentioned the idea of reconciliation. I am not a professional mediator, but maybe gently introducing an observation would have given the participants enough space to pause and reconsider their conversation. What will you remember in the week ahead?

3 Pokemon cards.  Rattata, Steel Energy, and Grass energy

Finally, “What blessings might unfold for me this week?” I will rephrase this as “What exciting things will I discover?” This week, I learned that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. I also understand that righteous indignation is a privilege and needs to be placed in context. Play can provide a framework for dealing with severe situations because metaphors give you the space to be more objective. In the week ahead, I want to build on the lessons learned. I reviewed my calendar, and time constraints will come into play. 😊 Will I level up or have to repeat this boss battle? Will you? Tune in next week.

If you wish to incorporate play into your day to spark creative ideas and get unstuck, please join me for my upcoming LinkedIn Audio Event, Dungeons and Doldrums, tomorrow, May 6th, at 6 pm EDT.