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Successful Sunday, May 19th, 2024

Four Pokemon cards

Hello, Subscribers. One of my former leaders told us it's not worth doing if it isn’t fun. This forms the core philosophy of my weekly writings and will help you prepare for the week through the power of play to set yourself up for success. I glean insights from my inner child about behaviors and patterns and can help you do the same. Let’s get set up for success. By joining my Patreon at, you not only support my work but also gain access to exclusive content and insights.

It’s time for an accountability check-in. I have started a new piece from my instructional series. This one involves colored pencils and plenty of patience. My cat is on the mend; the funeral was beautiful, and the challenges do not stop. The wins? Getting four people ready in under thirty minutes and reconnecting with old friends. I have no lack of opportunities to remain at peace and be thankful. I am reminded that life goes on. Right people are enjoying soccer games, eating good meals, typing out blogs, even as others are enduring horrors of the body and soul.

I am returning to my beloved Pokémon featuring Blueberry Blanket’s wonderful artwork. “What is happening?” We begin with the Ace of Pentacles depicted by Diglett, a brown ground-type Pokémon with a wide pink button nose. Diglett is poking out of a hole, balancing a red and white poke ball on its head framed by vined columns. Aces represent new beginnings; sometimes, getting motivated to begin your week or even your day is hard. Diglett stays underground, feeding on tree roots and vegetables. I take encouragement with the idea of rolling up my sleeves and digging in. That pause from last week will serve us well in setting intentions. You do not have to wait until Monday to begin. What can you do today to set yourself up for success? My collection of new journals and unfinished projects can be a source of inspiration as I envision the accomplishment I will feel when they are done. Diglett reminds us to heed our bodily sensations and feelings because they provide valuable information.

“What is the challenge?” Getting four people ready in thirty minutes became a fun and creative challenge, and we finished it with time to spare. The Six of Pentacles depicts Marowak and two adorable younger Pokémon. One is a puppy, and the other is a baby reptile with a fin. Marowak is a light brown reptilian dinosaur wearing a skull mask that resembles a fox. They are at a table with a centerpiece of tasty treats. Marowak is happy to share the wealth, yet for us, maybe all we can see is how much it costs to provide the treats. This ties in perfectly with Diglett working beneath the surface. Things do not generally happen without a reason. Our current outcomes are the result of our prior choices. Being unmotivated results from taking on too many responsibilities and a warning sign to slow down. Do you find it difficult to read the signals?

“What can help?” My kid has decided to incorporate calmness into his life, and the Nine of Wands gives great advice. Darmanitan is based on a Daruma doll and is meditating. Shadowy wands are floating around, and a bundle of sticks is underneath the seat. It has very bushy and fiery eyebrows, brown skin, and a smile that screams “Serenity Now!” The lesson learned from the funeral was that pain is a process. It is unavoidable and something one must sit with. I may not be in control of my situation, but I can choose how to respond to it. How much energy have I put into changing things outside my control? Where would my effort better be served? When is the effort necessary, and when should I wait? This past weekend has provided clues courtesy of my body. “Wait” is a clear signal.

“What is a way forward?” We close with the Nine of Cups Reversed. Ludicolo is the happy cross between a duck and a chess rook. It happily dances against a stained-glass sun on the water and nine cups above its head. Some people view reversed cards as a challenge, and others as a lesson learned. For me, this is a reminder to find joy despite the sorrow. As Future Cain reminds me, life is a yes/and. Our feelings are constructs and follow our thoughts. Darmanitan reminds us to be intentional about where we spend our energy, and our actions impact our feelings. All of these different types of Pokémon bring to mind community. While we must process our feelings in solitude, we do not have to go through life alone. Who are your people? What can you do to spread joy? Namaste

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