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Successful Sunday, March 5th, 2023

Shiny and chrome...

White car going through an automatic car wash

Our parents can have a profound impact on our lives. Yesterday, my mom treated me to some delicious home cooking. Technically she cooked for her grandkids, and I benefitted from being in the same vicinity. The food was made with love, reminding me that I am worthy. She also got me hooked on a new KDrama, which made us laugh out loud. Many relationships are transactional. Not all parents love their children, and I know it is a blessing to be loved simply for existing. One of my favorite songs is Nat King Cole's recording of 'Nature Boy,' which reminds us, "The greatest thing you'll ever learn Is just to love and be loved in return." Do you love yourself?

Self-love can be a challenge if you do not like yourself. If I treated someone how I treated myself this week, we would most likely not be friends. I had a love-to-hate-myself relationship this week. I ran myself ragged. It was strange. I felt very powerful because I made my choices, but also frustrated because I was making poor choices. What do these choices serve? Am I avoiding facing a harsh truth? Too concerned with rabbit holes? Every morning, I am given a fresh start. I can immediately start. Today, my son and I went on an adventure and found a truly magical place. Why? Because I decided to reclaim my loving, fun, adventurous side. This week I will continue the experiment on creating synergy and working with my instincts.

It's not working. Doing the same thing is not getting different results. I have asked for help and hopefully will allow myself to be vulnerable enough to be open to change. I realize I talk well but am not walking the walk. Processing my emotions is different from taking action on them. I need to make decisions that will make it easier for me to succeed. I have removed one obstacle. Will it be enough? That's my prerogative.

I trust my intuition to create serendipitous moments. Today I wore a t-shirt that said, "I AM WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW YOU NEED." I could spend hours debating if it should have said "I AM WHO YOU DON'T KNOW YOU NEED," or I can be prepared for the impact. Someone read my shirt and challenged me to be what they needed. I stepped up to the occasion and hand-wrote them a complimentary clarity nugget while waiting for the car wash. Am I ready to be the person I did not know I needed? Namaste