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Successful Sunday, July 3, 2022

Tan lady with blonde hair wearing a white cropped tank top and jeans trying to fit many clothes into a small suitcase

"It's never going to fit." When I started a trip, I left many things behind because I did not have the space. Having too many options can be overwhelming. We came up with a plan B, but my friend was convinced we could make it fit. Having a growth mindset means believing you can learn new things. If you do not know how to do something, you can spend your time fretting and being distracted with worry. *Cough cough me* Or you can ask for him and allow yourself to be open to suggestions.

Still, I gave up before giving myself the chance. I bought a larger bag to ensure that I had enough room for the stuff purchased on my trip. If you jump to plan B before trying plan A, you can potentially miss out on opportunities. Why did I not trust in the experience of others? At this point, I was crying over being given too many choices. We had a course of action and suddenly I was given more options. I was overwhelmed. I took a deep breath and articulated my thought process and we came to a concensus. We were going to stick with plan A.

Even though I am a big believer in learning from failure, some days I hate it. I do not want to think big picture or what I can learn. I want to throw a pity party and settle into simpering sorrow. That does not solve anything. So I sat with my feelings and then decided on a course of action. I started my tutelage and began to feel hopeful.

As I finish up this blog (so I can finish packing), I am happy to report that even though I have more things than I started with, they are taking up less room then when I began. If we unpack our thoughts and clearly lay them out before us, they begin to make sense. Once you are able to see how it fits together, your mind become expansive. I am going to celebrate this win and build on my victories. This morning, I played a geography game and the reason I was able to figure out the answer, was because I had guessed it wrong before and remembered since I was surprised by the fact. We can learn from failure if we trust ourselves.

How will you grow today? Namaste.