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Successful Sunday, January 1st, 2023

Olivia Newton John was onto something...

A blurry hand holding a sparkler with a blue-grey background.  Little sparks are flying off

2023 began with a decision. I could choose to be defeatist or continue to prime myself for tiny miracles. I decided on the tiny miracles and enjoyed the dopamine boost of problem-solving. It is also going to be the year that I embrace my weird, kooky, and quirky personality. I have been trying to trust my intuition more and followed a whim to get a tarot journal. Tarot cards are one of the intuitive tools that I use to gain clarity. I saw something shiny and forgot that I was supposed to ruminate on my card of the day, which is the Magician. I'll get to that when I finish this blog. It will all make sense, and I am so excited to share the wisdom from the Pokémon to start the year. Olivia Newton-John sang in her song "Magic" - 'You have to believe we are magic. Nothin' can stand in our way." The Magician card embodies the spirit of 'As above, so below.' This means that my mindset determines and creates my physical reality.

I have become a little obsessed with Pokémon cards as my intuitive muse. One of my favorite continuous improvement tools is Stop, Start, Continue. Today, I pulled three cards to inspire me. We usually begin with Stop with this technique. I drew an orange fire energy card that was upside down. In the game, the energy cards are used to power attacks. I want to focus on powering up with fire energy for this reading. I have been ruminating about making better use of my resources. I wish to Stop wasting time and effort on things that do not add value to my life. I looked a little deeper at the color. The fire energy card is orange and depicts a flame symbol. I immediately remembered that orange relates to the Sacral chakra, which houses creativity and pleasure. Because the card is reversed to me, these areas of my life are blocked. I have not produced as much art this year and have been weighed down by delayed decisions. What things are blocking your creativity and joy? How will you stop them from interfering with your happiness? My strategy is ten-minute tasks. It's incredible what you can accomplish in a short amount of time. It almost feels magical :)

The second step is what to Continue. I pulled a Ranger card. The card shows a girl and a boy. She is confident, and he is assertive. When I connect this to the previous card, I get Yin and Yang vibes, which reminds me to continue to seek balance. The card is a Trainer card and also says, Supporter. It says, "Remove all effects of attacks on each player and his or her Pokemon." What comes to mind is that I am so much stronger when I seek community and accept help and support. It is tough to ask for help, and I often stubbornly go it alone like the Little Red Hen. I need to embrace the quiet, confident part of myself and act like everything is coming to fight me. More people are rooting for me than I know, and I have noticed that when I come out of my gal cave and connect with other humans, I am more energized. What sources of community can you tap into for 2023?

The final step is Start. Ideally, you have the resources to start something new because you have redeemed them from what you stopped doing. The card is a Fairy Energy card and is Fuschia with a symbol that appears to be cupped hands holding a star. I was energized because this bright pink is one of my favorite colors. When I think of fairies, magic comes to mind, which means that I got an Olivia Newton-John earworm and was reminded that I still need to do my daily journal writing about the Magician. I did some more research and discovered that Fairy Energy is healing energy. If I remove the blocks to my creativity and lean on the support of my network, I can choose self-care. Allowing myself to sit with my feelings and thoughts is not fun, but magic does not happen without effort. You need to set an intention, provide yourself with a focus, and then act to make it work. What areas of your life need healing? What incredible things could happen in your life if you allowed yourself to heal? So my friends, for 2023, believe you are magic and don't let anything stand in your way. I look forward to your growth and success. Namaste.

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