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Successful Sunday, February 11th, 2024

Two Pokemon cards.  Dark Energy - a navy blue card with a glowing blue sphere with a crescent moon.  A Fire Energy Pokemon card - an orange card with a glowing orange sphere with a black fire icon

Hello, Subscribers. My weekly¬¬¬¬¬ writing¬¬¬s will hel¬¬¬p you prepare for the week and set yourself up for success. I glean insights from various intuitive tools and can help you do the same. Let’s get set up for success.

Let’s start with an accountability check-in. Last week, I successfully navigated conflict resolution. I learned it is essential to acknowledge the challenges that people are having. Many times, the difficulties stem from a misunderstanding. Humans rarely resolve problems through asynchronous conversations. Meetings do have a purpose when used correctly.

I noticed a pattern emerging from the Pokémon cards during my Ask Me Almost Anything live events. I was getting many energy cards. An energy card is a characteristic versus a named character. This week was a lot of Fighting and Fairy energy cards. Fighting does not always mean violent confrontation; it could also be defined as resistance. The Fairy energy cards are associated with healing. What we resist persists and blocks our healing. I will honor my energy, and we will keep it simple for the week ahead.

What kind of energy may impact your week? I pulled out a Dark Energy Pokémon card. It is a deep navy blue card with a glowing dark cornflower blue sphere containing a stylized black crescent moon. What systems and hidden undercurrents are impacting your life? During one of the talks, I also gained an understanding of the self-talk running in the background. What’s your internal programming? Are you dismissing your gifts and talents? Is there a sub-routine of limiting beliefs preventing you from taking risks? I had the privilege of working with Michele Price this weekend. I uncovered what we call the Zzhuup subroutine of avoidance—disassociation results in delayed decisions, leading to getting stuck. Zzhuup is the sound of the imaginary wall coming down, blocking everything. I will pay attention to when I shut down and freeze this week. What is running in the background preventing you from reaching your full potential?

I pulled out a Fire Energy Pokémon card to help us consider strategies to address our hidden gaps. Fire needs oxygen and a fuel source and must be monitored to ensure a consistent flame and prevent a dangerous situation. What could potentially snuff out our flame? Perhaps you have not yet lit the spark. Do you have the correct materials? If you add damp wood to your flame, it will produce hazardous smoke. When we are unaware that our wood has become damp, like when we operate on auto-pilot, we add it to the flame at significant risk. When do you tune out? Is it during confrontations or tedious work? What are you blocking when you become aware of an issue but choose to ignore it? Will your fire produce warmth, or will it sputter and create a toxic environment? We do not act in a vacuum. Do you understand how your gaps affect you? Are you aware of your impact on others? Perhaps you must take some of that fire to make a torch and illuminate the darkness. Namaste

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