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Successful Sunday, December 4, 2022

Black and white photo of a pocketwatch with a chain.

Where does the time go? It's a quasi-ironic question from someone trying to get a handle on time today. I followed my curiosity and ended up having a fascinating talk with some people about being open to other humans and bringing people together. Two things stood out to me from those conversations; giving people the space to talk until they find their footing and also the idea of life happening for you versus to you. The second point is courtesy of Chris Berryman. I was feeling a bit stressed because the day appeared to have gotten away from me without writing this blog. I reflected and realized that I had accomplished quite a bit. Maybe not what I planned on, but that's part of it. I did not plan anything except to write my blog and podcast and do a face mask. I still have not done a face mask, but the day is not over.

The experiment went better this week because of the data dump I did last weekend. The items on the extensive to-do list are getting done, and I felt a sense of accomplishment every day. In the continued quest to prime myself for miracles, I was told by a stranger that Jesus loves me and was blessed with enough money to get some blackberries. They were delicious. While writing this blog, I also got a note of encouragement telling me, "it's gonna be okay, you're gonna figure it out, and that he (God) has your back. This is only a season, and you'll grow out of it." I have been putting myself out there more frequently and leaning into discomfort. This morning, I was a guest on a Wisdom talk, and the host was open to playing and learning more about why I am The Clarity Concierge.

I was not too fond of the first card, but I went with the process to discuss and collaborate within a fixed framework. Our discussion led to another person speaking after me, who built on my ideas and was keen to have an extended conversation. It was nice to talk with a like-minded human being who seemed genuinely interested in connecting with me as a human and exchanging stories without being pitched slapped for something or the other. I watched some old and new TedTalks they suggested and am doubling down on building consensus with others, making it easy for people to understand your vision, and letting go of outcomes. I think the to-do list is helping to build a loose framework that will provide the support I need to construct the life I envision.

As we advance, my theme for the upcoming week is being considerate. I want to do a better job of working with people and having a collaborative spirit. If someone at work asks me to do something I do not love, but it's part of my job, I think it will be easier to think about their needs and how good it feels to help others. Another conversation I listened to today was with Karen Frazer, Donnie and Lucille Reddic, and Gale Weithers about surviving the holidays with Family. This is not a topic I would typically be interested in. Still, I listened, and the biggest takeaway aside from clear communication was also knowing the things you are responsible for doing. I take on a lot of things that are enabling instead of empowering and something to consider as I reflect on consideration. I feel so stressed out because I am not allowing myself to be where I am and continue to think about everything else. I need to become a human being instead of a human doing. Wish me luck. Namaste.