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Successful Sunday - December 13th, 2020

What dreams may come

silhouette of person standing in awe of the milky way

My subconscious is screaming at me. No more procrastinating; it is time to get serious. Will I get out of my way? I have been listening to positive affirmations at night. Yesterday morning I recognized I need to act. Part of the challenge has been that I do not know what I want. Untrue. I have been putting off acknowledging what I want. During an incredibly insightful dream analysis session with Gwen Gordon, I realized that I keep trying to follow the norms and follow established paths. I need to forge my own way and stay grounded. I keep trying to fly without learning the basics of aerodynamics. Flying by the seat of your pants is a great way to know what does not work.

But, and there is always a but - how do I balance my dreams against the reality of my life. Part of it is to stop going it alone. I am fortunate to have a supportive partner. If it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a community to birth a dream. The first step of change management is to understand your stakeholders and work to get buy-in. When I shared what I wanted to do with my husband, I think it prompted him to get more serious about his own goals. We each have our road to travel, but we do not need to travel alone.

Planning helps you to adventure your travel. You want to have enough supplies and a map. Nothing says you need to stick with the plan, but it helps to save time and help you to understand your priorities. If you are visiting a museum, for example, what is your must-see art piece? Having a mission keeps you from getting distracted on the way. There are many things to experience, but not everything will help you to reach your goal. Perhaps you are more comfortable with the scenic route; it all depends on the time frame. If you have a week to explore versus a few hours, your path will differ.

What's next? Dreams require sacrifice. Sometimes you need to let go to receive what you need. It isn't easy to pick up something new with a full hand. I need to put down limiting beliefs and get out of my way. What are you unnecessarily carrying on your journey? Put it down. The goal is not the goal. It is a guidepost and a reflection of who you are. When your time is up, will you have reached your potential? What are you doing with your time?