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Successful Sunday, April 7th, 2024

4 tarot cards all showing the 9 of cups. Families having a picnic, Ludicolo doing a dance, An elegant black couple back from a trip, a man surrounded by cups.

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It’s time for an accountability check-in. Last week, I failed at trying to fail. That is not entirely true, as I tried many new things last week. I shied away from promoting my latest event but opened my heart to a new friendship, walked daily, and maintained internet tab sanity. Finally, my second attempt at making homemade almond butter went well. Were you able to celebrate any fails last week?

Let's get ready for the week ahead. I am doing something different. I will use the exact same card from four different decks. As leaders, we receive feedback from many different perspectives. As you read, pretend that each card is someone giving their opinion about the situation. The card of the week is the Nine of Cups. I am featuring The Urban Tarot by Robin Scott, The Poké Tarot Pack by BlueberryBlanket, The Black Tarot by Nyasha Williams, and a Smith-Waite deck gifted to me by my mother-in-law.

How can you protect your happiness throughout the week? I assume you are not working today and happy to be home. In the foreground, we see a picnic table with a plate containing a hot dog and all the fixings next to nine red solo cups stacked with 5 cups as the base, three cups in the middle, and a single cup on top. It is sunset, and the entire scene is bathed in a golden-red light. We also see two families hanging out; one is at the grill, the other by another picnic table, and a little dog running around. The George Washington Bridge is in the background, and the artist, Robin Scott, notes that the scene appears to be viewed through a rose-colored lens. As you begin the week, how do you define happiness? The gap between our ideal life and reality is often not as wide as we think. Can you hold onto the vision if you are working on a project this week and have a setback? Celebrate the wins to keep you and your team motivated.

Our second card represents the challenge: the Nine of Cups from BlueberryBlanket’s Pokémon Tarot. Per the Bulbapedia site, “Ludicolo is a bipedal plant Pokémon that appears to be a mixture of a pineapple and a duck.” It appears to be dancing in front of some stained glass featuring nine cups, a sun symbol, and blue rays. Ludicolo is green and is wearing a green sombrero crown and a yellow full-body shift dress. You probably have a team member or colleague who is fun, creative, and an eternal optimist. They help to lighten the mood or diffuse tension. As a leader, I must delicately balance accepting hard truths and remaining positive in the face of adversity. I would advise against taking this card literally and throwing an impromptu office dance party, but consider incorporating movement into your routine. What if you led your team in a stretch break when you hit a wall? If you are in person, consider a walking meeting. There is a magical principle about like attracting like. If you are sitting at your desk for long periods, you become stiff. According to the principle, your ideas also become rigid. It stands to reason that moving about also stimulates your creative flow. Also, when possible, go and see. Data can only get you so far; physical observation provides more insight. For example, your data may show decreased productivity, but physical observation can help you determine why.

Our next card is the Nine of Baskets from The Black Tarot. A glamorous Black couple dressed in eveningwear stands beside a luxury convertible surrounded by nine travel trunks. I wonder how they fit all that luggage into such a tiny car. How do you balance the dreamer and realist? Maybe you have been that boss who channels their inner Captain Picard and expects everyone to “make it so.” Meanwhile, your team is struggling to fit all the luggage into an impossible space. What are your assumptions about your situation? I assumed they carried their luggage, but I know luggage delivery services exist. When you hit a roadblock, what are alternative routes? Realists help us to plan for obstacles, but it is important to keep pursuing the dream. What could block your happiness in the week ahead? Do you have a plan B?

Finally, we consider the Nine of Cups from the Smith-Waite deck. A nobleman is sitting on a bench with his arms crossed. Behind him is a covered ledge containing nine cups. The nobleman takes manspreading to a new level and occupies all the space on the bench. Our first card exemplifies team dynamics, as many families enjoy a park; in contrast, this card depicts a solitary figure. Is it okay to be selfish? Is it alright to do things simply because we want to? Based on my interpretation, I may struggle with taking up space and enjoying contentment. I view this person as smug and complacent, but this card is traditionally considered to be a wish card. My mom always told me, “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.” Wasn’t exploring happiness the point? Perhaps our foe isn’t external forces but our mindset. When is enough enough? Will doing one more report make you happy? Do the long hours serve you? Perhaps we deserve to take a moment to love ourselves and bask in our accomplishments. As leaders, are we creating space or fueling the pressure cooker? Namaste

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