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Successful Sunday, April 21st 2024

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Hello, Subscribers. One of my former leaders told us that it's not worth doing if it isn’t fun. My weekly writings will help you prepare for the week through the power of play to set yourself up for success. I glean insights from my inner child about behaviors and patterns and can help you do the same. Let’s get set up for success. You can support my work by joining my Patreon:

It’s time for an accountability check-in. Last week, I continued to ignore my daily decompression reminder until yesterday. I sat without distractions for thirty minutes and acknowledged that I was tired. The rest has made a world of difference. I also received insights from bird behavior. I was walking to the office, and two birds kept swooping dangerously close. I hurried to the door because I did not want to get pecked. I turned around and pointed them out to a colleague. He saw that a baby bird had fallen out of the nest and carefully moved it out of harm's way. I realized that feeling attacked gave me tunnel vision, and I missed a cry for help.

What difference does play make? I could write a blog about preparing for the week and tell you to review your calendar, block essential events, and get plenty of sleep. You would probably call me Captain Obvious and unsubscribe. When you integrate play into the planning, your world becomes more expansive. You become more aware of all the wonder that awaits. Drudgery becomes an opportunity. This past weekend, I waited in line for ninety minutes to buy some patties for my friends. I usually would not do this, but I was reflecting on what Maxwell Neely wrote about how we spent our time when he decided to eschew a car. My mindset was that I had all the time in the world to get these patties. The idea of finding fun made the time pass enjoyably. I left with patties, two new friends from the Line Posse crew, and a restaurant recommendation.

This week, I am going to use a random picture generator to help me brainstorm how to set us up for success this week. I will use the TGROW model of coaching for the questions to help us get ready. What is the topic for the week ahead? If I answered this without play, I would say getting all my work assignments done and making time for friends. Yawn. The first random picture is either a black-and-white photo or a photorealistic picture of a man creating sidewalk art. The picture is shown in sepia tones. Reflecting on this picture, my topic would be tapping into my creativity during the week. I am an artist and have not been creating art. Why is that? I could say I don’t have time. Why? Because I want to make big pieces. Why? Because that is what art is supposed to look like? Why? Because I am a perfectionist. What if I made little pieces of art each day? What if I created for creation’s sake? The man is creating a crucifixion scene where cherubs surround Jesus. This weekend, Tori Amos’s song Crucify was in my internal jukebox. What areas of your life are you sacrificing? Is it to your detriment? Do you want to change?

What is the Goal for the upcoming week? Incorporating creativity. The second random picture is a yellow sign featuring two arrows pointing in opposite directions against a barren landscape with a low mountain range in the background. When driving, it means you have to turn left or right. I aim to choose the more creative route when faced with a decision. What is a S.M.A.R.T. goal? At least once a day, I will create a game for an upcoming task to make it fun. It must result in a better mood, and I want to achieve this for one professional and one personal goal for at least six days out of the week. I will measure my success during my evening journalling time. The mountains in the picture remind me that it will be challenging, but I am curious about the view when I get to the top. What kind of decisions do you want to make next week?

How ready am I to be more creative on a scale from zero to ten? The following picture shows a metal fish made from horseshoes, metal, and nails. It is wearing sunglasses. It reminds me of the song “my future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.” The fish looks very confident, and I know I am creative. Last week was a global event at my day job, and I created many fun games. Adults being able to play made work a joyful place, and I was thrilled when people connected about how our department can help them in their day-to-day activities. The picture also reminds me that one can take mundane things and turn them into something unique and special. What can you do to create a joyful environment and make creativity your default mode? I have taped googly eyes to all my office supplies, and a bottle of bubbles is essential.

What opportunities do I have to make my life more playful and fun? The following picture is a close-up of three carrots growing in the ground. What do carrots have to do with fun? They are orange. Orange is one of my favorite colors; it feels like a creative color because it is warm. From my limited understanding of chakras, orange is associated with the sacral chakra, which centers on creativity and our physical needs. This reminds me of what my wise friend Asmara Kazmi shared: we are systems. Creativity does not happen in a vacuum. As humans, we need to nourish ourselves to produce these outcomes. The carrots in the picture are vibrant and large. This means they were planted in good soil and received adequate water, sunlight, and nutrients. Part of the decisions I make need to include choosing self-care. What will you do to ensure you are nourished?

The final picture shows a massive tree with visible roots surrounded by brick buildings. The branches have no leaves, but the grass is green. What is your way forward? When I think about this tree, I feel it needed to have deep roots to be able to withstand a lack of rain. In nature, there are no hoses. Trees and plants rely on rainfall to get water. Are you prepared for a drought? What happens if you run out of ideas or steam? Do you have enough physical and mental reserves to handle setbacks? The tree reinforces the notion that we must prioritize our health and well-being. What helps me is to pause several times a day. Ideally, I will do this before I start a task and after I finish it. Movement is also vital for my well-being. What are your non-negotiables for the week ahead? Are you ready to level up? Let’s play! Namaste

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